English Language and Literature

  • Chair : PARK Yong-Yae
  • Location : bldg.2 / Room.109
  • Tel. : 02-880-6078


The Department of English Language and Literature trains students in English language skills necessary for scholarly research, and provides students with in-depth knowledge of a broad range of subjects in the fields of English linguistics and literature. Students may specialize either in English linguistics or English and American literature. Undergraduates are required to take a broad range of courses in both linguistics and literature in order to build up their language skills. The literature concentration consists of courses in poetry, novels, drama, and literary criticism. Extensive coursework in these various genres not only enables students to appreciate English and American literature, but provides them with important literary skills: composition, literary analysis and criticism. The linguistics concentration consists of required coursework in English grammar, the history of the development of the English language, and English phonetics.

Courses in English conversation and composition help students master colloquial English. In addition, the department supports students participating in English-only immersion programs during the summer and winter breaks. After such training at the undergraduate level, students who wish to become professional scholars go on to advanced studies in the graduate program.

Departmental extracurricular activities for undergraduates include field trips; foreign language drama festivals, where students majoring in English direct, produce and act in English-language plays; and volunteer work programs in the countryside. Aside from the department’s Student Association, there are student clubs such as the Baseball Team, the Computer Club and the Christian Students Association.

Graduates of the department have played a crucial role in the field of English language and literature within Korea, and this role is only likely to increase in the future. Graduates of the department have found success as writers and literary critics, as shown by the example of many graduates active in those fields. Many graduates of the department have pursued successful careers in politics, government, business, and industry as well.

List of Professor

Name Major Contact E-mail
Kang Woosung
American literature, Critical theories 02-880-6096
Harim Kwon
Associate Professor
Phonetics, Laboratory Phonology 02-880-6112
Kwon Heokseung
History of the English language, English corpus linguistics 02-880-6357
Kim Myung-Hwan
19th century British and American novel 02-880-9079
Kim Bomin
Associate Professor
16-17th century English literature 02-880-6101
Kim, Jungha
Associate Professor
American Literature, Critical Theory 02-880-6104
Kim Hyon-Jin
English literature Middle English literature 02-880-6086
Kim Haejoo
Assistant Professor
19th century British literature 02-880-5998
Na Eunha
Associate Professor
Modern and contemporary drama 02-880-6111
Min Eun Kyung
18th century British literature 02-880-8878
Park Yong-Yae
Applied linguistics_discourse analysis 02-880-6100
Bong Joon-Soo
20th century British and American poetry 02-880-1441
Son Youngjoo
20th century British novel, critical theories 02-880-9110
Sohn Chang Yong
Old English, Historical Phonology 02-880-6093
Song Mi-Jeong
Applied English linguistics 02-880-6427
Shin Hyoung Cheol
Associate Professor
Comparative Literature 02-880-6107
An Jee-Hyun
American literature 02-880-9196
Ye Sul Oh
Assistant Professor
Modern and contemporary poetry 02-880-1440
Yoo Eun-Jung
English syntax 02-880-6094
Yi Dongshin
American and British literature after 19th century 02-880-6097
Mi Jeong Lee
Assistant Professor
Modern British Novel 02-880-6099
Lee Yong-Won
Applied linguistics, English language assessment 02-880-2536
Lee Jungmee
Associate Professor
Semantics 02-880-6105
Lee Jae-Young
English phonology, English phonetics 02-880-6091
Lim Jane
Associate Professor
18th century British novel 02-880-6103
Cho Son-Jeong
19th century British novel, feminism 02-880-6095
Han Suh-Reen
British Romantic Literature 02-880-6106
Vanessa Lim
Assistant Professor
English Renaissance 02-880-6077