Institute of Humanities

  • Chair : Seo, Young-Chae
  • Location : bldg.137-2 / Room.501
  • Tel : 02-880-6020
Institute of Humanities
The Institute of Humanities was founded on September 15, 1979, under the name of the Research Center for Human Sciences. Initially affiliated with the College of Humanities, it expanded and diversified its range of activities and became an independent institute funded directly through the University in 1992.

In order to foster closer interaction, communication, and cooperation between the various departments of the College of Humanities, the Institute incorporates the following research centers: the Center for East Asian Studies, the Center for English Languages and Cultures, the Center for Francophone Studies, the Institute for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies (IREEES), the Center for Religious Studies, the Center for Arts and Culture Research, the Center for Humanities and Information, the Institute for German Studies, the Center for Korean Language and Literature, the Center for Chinese Literature, the Center for Cultural Heritage, the Center for Linguistics, the Institute of Central Eurasian Studies, the Institute of Greco-Roman Studies, the Institute of Altaic Studies, and the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies.

Principal Activities
Biannual publication of the Journal of Humanities (Inmun Nonchong)
The Classical Works series (translation of a selection of 200 Eastern & Western classics)
The Humanistic Studies Monograph
Academic events: symposiums, academic lectures, and conferences
Research projects: funding for translation projects, research projects