Institute of Humanities

Institute of Altaic Studies

  • Chair : KANG Jeong Won
  • Location : bldg.3 / Room.311
  • Tel : 02-880-9290
Institute of Altaic Studies
The Institute of Altaic Studies was founded to enhance the quality of professional and educational research into the Altaic people's languages, culture, and heritage with the objective of encouraging research within the university, throughout the nation, and in the international arena, as well. The institute also hopes to broaden the scope of Altaic studies in Korea and foster the development of future scholars while increasing the international exchange of ideas concerning Altaic language education.

Principal Activities
Research projects: Research on the Altaic languages, Altaic oral literature, Altaic history, Altaic religious traditions, Altaic folklore, Altaic heritage
Funding for research
Academic exchange
Community service