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Institute of Greco-Roman Studies

  • Chair : AHN Jae won
  • Location : bldg.137-2 / Room.513
  • Tel : 02-880-6026
Institute of Greco-Roman Studies
The objective of The Institute of Greco-Roman Studies is to promote the study and understanding of Ancient Greek and Roman culture. Western civilization overall has developed from the common roots of Greco-Roman culture, with various regions taking the Greco-roman traditions and modifying and developing them to fit their respective conditions and needs.

Understanding how the particular history of the West as it has undergone ceaseless division and integration, and within its boundaries conducted political, economic and social exchange is an indispensable part of developing our relationship with Europe, with whom our areas of exchange and cooperation have increased manifold. Even so, the reality is that it is quite difficult to carry out systematic research at an academic level in the field of Greco-Roman studies.

The institute of Greco-Roman Studies uses basic research in Western Classical philology, literature, history, philosophy, law, and religion as a way to set up new research projects and foster the growth of up-and-coming scholars.

In order to do so, the institute supports various Western Classical courses and courses focused on the close reading of original texts at the undergraduate level in order to provide students with a deeper understanding of the Western Classics. Along with these activities, the institute works to publish new translations and written guides to ensure the dissemination of Classical works. We also invite from abroad various experts to speak at seminars with the aim of broadening the research base for Classical Western studies.