Institute of Humanities

Center for Cultural Heritage

  • Chair : Chang Chin-Sung
  • Location : bldg.5 / Room.331
  • Tel : 02-880-6210
Center for Cultural Heritage
The Center for Cultural Heritage was founded in 2003 to advance the understanding of ancient art, culture, and civilization. Areas of research include archaeology, art history, visual culture studies, and museology.

A sponsor and facilitator of scholarly exchange, the Center for Cultural Heritage brings together scholars through interdisciplinary and innovative programs, including lectures, symposia, publications, and educational materials, supporting and encouraging continuing inquiry into archaeological and art historical issues. It acts as an intellectual focus for scholars from different departments with shared historical commitment.

The center's research projects have received scholarly and critical acclaim. In addition to the annual symposium series, the center is active in creating and maintaining reading and discussion groups as well as in arranging conferences. The center also aims at establishing substantive inter-institutional links with neighboring departments and research centers.

Principal Activities
Academic conferences: "Indian Buddhist Monuments and East Asian Pilgrims" (2005) and "Cultural Interflow between India and Korea: Buddhism, Philosophy and Arts" (2006), "Conversation between Eastern and Western History of Art" (2007)
Guest lectures