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How to find us
If you come to the main gate of Seoul National University, you can get off at Seoul National University Station. If you go through Hoam Hall and dormitory, you can get off at Nakseongdae Station. These two subway stations and Seoul National University are about 25 to 35 minutes of walking distance, so it is convenient to use a bus or taxi.
Way to walk
from the main gate
  • Go straight up from the front gate.
  • If you see ‘Nadulmun 1’, go up towards ‘Nadulmun 1’ (Gyujanggak).
  • After passing Kyujanggak and law school, you can see ‘Jaha-yeon’ and ‘NongHyup’, and if you continue to climb up the road in between, you can see the College of Humanities.
Way to walk
from the back gate
  • Go straight from the back gate and you will see the three-way street of Gwanaksa.
  • There is a basketball court and a staircase leading to the 14th building of the College of Humanities, 10 meters to the right of the basketball court.
  • If you come down the stairs, you will find the back of the 14th building