Institute of Humanities

Center for Chinese Language and Literature

  • Chair : Ryu Jun-Pil
  • Location : bldg.7 / Room.307-1
  • Tel : 02-880-6038
Center for Chinese Language and Literature
The Center for Chinese Language and Literature was established on the one hand to study the language and culture of China, whose geographic and cultural proximity to Korea provide the basis for much interesting research; and, on the other hand, to stimulate the development of research projects that will enhance and innovate greater exchange and cooperation between the two countries.

Ever since the establishment of official diplomatic relations with China in August, 1992, Korea has maintained extremely active human, material, and cultural exchanges in relation to Chinese politics, economy, society, and culture. It has long been accepted that Chinese language and literature are crucial to understanding and explaining the Chinese way of life, and also to understanding our own cultural tradition in Korea.

A historical understanding of past cultural exchanges and political and economic relations, and as ystematic and academic understanding of Chinese language and literature is therefore necessary to a harmonious relationship with China in the context of a wider international diplomatic arena. The study of Chinese language and literature is not only important in itself, but as an integrative discipline that encompasses cultural and social aspects.

The center provides aid for various research projects based on the belief that the meaningful study of Chinese language, literature, and culture cannot be carried out simply by studying certain languages and cultures in the colossal nation of China, and that relevant research must be carried out across all fields of the humanities in a new and innovative manner. In order to do so, the center has developed several programs to promote the exchange of research projects and results in order to help up-and-coming scholars increase their research capabilities.