Institute of Humanities

Center for Korean Language and Literature

  • Chair : Bang Min-Ho
  • Location : bldg.1 / Room.317
  • Tel : 02-880-6284
Center for Korean Language and Literature
The Center for Korean Language and Literature was founded to stimulate research related to Korean language and literature within SNU and to enhance academic exchange among fields of study related to the humanities, thereby supporting academic research and, further on, greater progress in humanities.

The center conducts research in the areas of Korean linguistics, classical and modern Korean literature, and Korean literature in Chinese, but, more than that, it seeks to promote the joint research of Korean language and literature, the culture industry, writing, cutting-edge data-processing technology, and other applied fields. Currently, the center is in the early stages of carrying out the research necessary for designing diverse cultural projects based on the field of Korean language and literature.

This research activity stems from the understanding that the success of research does not rely solely on Korean language and literature, but that fields such as general linguistics, literature, and philosophy must be actively embraced.

In addition, the center has been responding to the increasing attention paid to the Korean language and Korean literature by foreign scholars by supporting animated exchange, interaction, and cooperation between scholars from Korea and abroad. Specifically, the center has organized and hosted small-scale international academic conferences (symposiums and seminars), and promoted transnational academic cooperation in the development of Korean textbooks and research projects. Much consideration has been given to providing young researchers from abroad with the necessary support they need to develop into skilled Korean language and literature scholars.