Institute of Humanities

Institute for Russian, East European, and Eurasian

  • Chair : Jung Ha-Kyung
  • Location : bldg.3 / Room.410
  • Tel : 02-880-6014
Institute for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (IREEES)
The Institute for Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies (IREEES) was originally founded at Seoul National University in July, 1989 under the name of Institute for Soviet and East European Studies.

IREEES serves as the focal point for students and faculty who conduct professional and comprehensive scholarly research on Russian and other Slavic and East European languages, literatures, politics, economies, cultures, histories and societies. Korea has developed a closer diplomatic relationship with these countries since the great political, social, economic transformations in the late 1980s, and around that time there arose an urgent need for more profound and systematic study of the area in the post cold war period. With post-Soviet restructuring in those countries IREEES's mission is to promote and support innovative research and education on the given geographic region with newer perspectives and visions.

The geographic region of IREEES's research include former Soviet Union and East Europe, specifically Russia and other Slavic and East European countries, Central Asia, Caucasus, Siberia and Eurasia. IREEES hosts special lectures by invited world-renowned scholars or specialists as well as domestic and international conferences, colloquia, seminars, and workshops on various topics in Russian and Slavic studies.

IREEES publishes a biannual journal titled Russian Studies in May and December. The journal publishes articles with scholarly originality and excellence, and is renowned for strict reviews and high standards. In addition IREEES sponsors interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary study of the given research areas and offers students university-wide activity programs and social outreach programs in order to promote fellowship among initiates, provoke interests in Russian studies, and contribute to deeper understanding of Russian culture in Korean society.

Facilities of IREEES include a reading/lecture room and a library with more than 4000 monographs and 60 kinds of domestic and international journals in the field. The IREEES's library collection is excellent and still improving with personal contributions and continuous purchases.