Institute of Humanities

The Institute of Asian Studies

  • Chair : Kim Byung-Joon
  • Location : bldg.6 / Room.206
  • Tel : 02-880-6012
Center for East Asian Studies
The Center for East Asian Studies traces its beginnings in 1960 to a group of professors at the College of Liberal Arts. Since then, the Center has fostered interdisciplinary studies and joint research among related academic fields in the humanities and the social sciences, engaged in academic exchange with institutions abroad, and served as a focal research center for new scholars in the field of East Asian studies. Areas of research include Korean studies and the languages, history, philosophy, religions and aesthetics of East Asia (China, Japan, Vietnam, the Manchurian region and Mongolia).

Principal Activities
Journal: The Donga-Mun-Hwa published annually. The journal features articles on Chinese literature, Asian history and Asian philosophy, as well as other research topics on East Asia. It is the oldest periodical dealing with the history of East Asia in the country.
Due to its long history and the high quality of papers published in it, the journal has won acclaim at home and abroad, including Japan and Taiwan, and serves to demonstrate the standard of East Asian Studies in Korea.

Books: The Catalogue of Korean Texts in the Gyujanggak Archives (1965), A Collection of Documents on Foreign Relations in Early Modern Korea (1966), A Collection of Documents on Korea's Economy (1967), Archaeology of Islands in the Southern Sea of Korea (1968), Korean Studies Today (1970), Studies of Indigenous Korean Beliefs (1970), Overseas Historical Materials on the War of 1592 with Japan (1972), Dictionary of the Korean Language and Literature (1973), A Collection of Local Geographical Reports (1974), Dictionary of Korean Politics and Economics (1979), The Revised Catalogue of Korean Texts in the Kyujanggak Archives (1980)
Research Trends in East Asian Studies, Collected Edition (12 volumes), Research Trends in East Asian Studies, Special Edition (1 Volume)
On-campus academic events (public lectures)
Faculty seminars and graduate student colloquia held regularly
International academic conferences