Institute of Humanities

Center for Linguistics

  • Chair : Lee Seong-Heon
  • Location : bldg.4 / Room.203-1
  • Tel : 02-880-6119
Center for Linguistics
The Center for Linguistics was founded within the Institute of Humanities in June 2003, with the aim of promoting language research both in fundamental theoretical areas of general and language-specific linguistics and its applied fields. We currently promote: basic areas of linguistics such as phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics, pragmatics, and historical-comparative linguistics; studies of specific languages such as Korean, Chinese, English, German, French, Spanish, and Russian linguistics, and cooperative researches thereof. The center is also in the process of building research infrastructure, including large corpus resources and other analysis tools, to aid in furthering research and researcher cooperation in theoretical and applied linguistics. The Center for Linguistics focuses actively on applied fields in relation to linguistics, such as applied phonetics, natural language processing, information processing, language acquisition and language pathology, and seeks to be a pioneer in further applied areas as well. For this purpose, the center is currently in cooperation with researchers of related areas of study within SNU and with research centers and researchers elsewhere.

We are also attempting to further industry-academic cooperation through an understanding of the research needs of corporations. Not only is the Center for Linguistics at the head of a balanced and systematic research effort combining various areas of humanities, including language, literature, history, and philosophy, but it is also the heart of all cooperative studies regarding language within Seoul National University. To fulfill this role, the center communicates constantly with researchers and research institutes within the university, and acts as an agent for cooperative research projects involving researchers, developers, and businesses outside SNU. Today's Korea has a fast-growing body of industries with a high demand of technology involving applied linguistics; in fact, some researchers and professors within SNU are already participating in such cooperative projects.

Before the center's foundation in 2003, Seoul National University lacked a language research facility, since the former Language Center, established in the 1970's, was re-organized into the Language Education Institute in 2001 and started focusing only on language education. The Center for Linguistics now fills the gap, actively promoting research in theoretical and applied linguistics, and cooperates with the Language Education Institute to provide diversified approaches to language research.