Western History

  • Chair : KIM Sung Yup
  • Location : bldg.14 / Room.206
  • Tel. : 02-880-6200


The origin of the Western History major at Seoul National University dates back to 1969, when the Department of History in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was divided into three separate departments, focusing respectively on Korean, Asian, and Western History. In 1975, upon Seoul National University’s relocation to Gwanak Campus, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences was divided into the Colleges of Humanities, the College of Social Sciences, and the College of Natural Sciences. From that point on, the Department of Western History has belonged to the College of Humanities. Seoul National University’s Department of Western History has played a prominent role in advancing research and education in Western history in Korea, producing numerous leading scholars in the field. Although now once again part of the Department of History, the Western History major at Seoul National University expects to continue its strong academic and educational tradition. 
Our main educational goal is to help students grasp the global historical processes through which Western civilization has transformed itself over time. We place special emphasis on viewing Western history as deeply interconnected with historical developments elsewhere in the world, including in Korea and East Asia. Accordingly, we offer a wide range of courses focusing on specific regions, historical periods, and themes. Our courses are designed to help students critically engage with western historiography, bridging the gap between Western, Korean, and East Asian histories. Ultimately, our students are expected to develop the ability to analyze society and humanity from a historically informed perspective. 
Our research encompasses every major era in western history, from the ancient, medieval and early modern to the modern and contemporary periods. Geographically, our strengths lay in European and American history, although we have also steadily expanded our interest in African, Oceanean, and Pacific history. We strive to study each region and period’s history in its multiple dimensions, from the political and economic to the social, cultural, and environmental aspects. Stressing the comprehensive outlook on humanity at the heart of the historical approach, we pursue interdisciplinary research drawing upon and enriching various disciplines within the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and applied sciences.

List of Professor

Name Major Contact E-mail
Kwon Yoon-Kyung
Associate Professor
Modern Western History, French History 02-880-6206
Kim Sung-Yup
Associate Professor
Modern Western History, U.S. History 02-880-6208
Roh Kyung-Deok
Associate Professor
Russian History, Contemporary History, Cold War History 02-880-6227
Park Heung-Sik
Medieval Western History, Medieval City 02-880-6205
Lee Minyong
Assistant Professor
Modern & Contemporary Western History, U.S. History 02-880-6203
Jang Moon-Seok
Contemporary European History, Italian History 02-880-6201
Jou Kyung-Chul
Modern Western History, Maritime History 02-880-6202
Lee Ji-eun
Associate Professor
Western Ancient History, Roman History 02-880-6204