The Departments of Korean History, Asian History and Western History at SNU College of Humanities have decided to integrate their undergraduate courses by establishing the Department of History since 2023.

The three departments, which were established through the division of the Department of History in 1969, have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their respective fields of education and research, in line with the growth and development of Korean society and SNU over the past 50 years. However, due to rapid globalization and changes of environment around the university since 2000s, there arose a necessity to integrate the three departments. There was a sense of crisis that within the old boundaries of the three departments it would be difficult to respond properly to the changes involving the collapse of traditional disciplines and rise of new academic fields.

Discussions on the integration had not come to fruition for a long time due to the unfavorable conditions surrounding the three departments. However, the long-lasting dream of integrating the three department has recently came true due to the growing sense of crisis and change in the actual conditions, supported by various departments and deans of the College of Humanities, as well as the College Headquarter and Office of Admissions, etc.