Asian Languages and Civilizations

  • Chair : Yi, Eun Jeong
  • Location : bldg.14 / Room.404
  • Tel. : 02-880-6009


The Department of Asian Languages and Civilizations (ALC) was established in 2012. In Seoul National University, the humanities studies on Asia have mainly focused on China and relatively overlooked other regions despite their importance in human history. To complement and shift from this tendency, ALC is composed of 4 major regions: West Asia (including North Africa), India (South Asia), Southeast Asia, and Japan. These regions are of great significance in the field of humanities with their dynamic histories and rich resources in religion, literature, arts and culture. Providing diverse courses on literature, language, history, philosophy, religion, and art, and thematic courses that explore transnational and transregional relations, ALC encourage students to have balanced and wide perspectives in understanding diverse aspects of Asian societies.

ALC Students run diverse extracurricular activities. The student council serve as a representative body of students to promote their autonomy and welfare, and organizes diverse events such as freshmen welcome party and department field trips, with the support from the faculty members. These events provide students with opportunities to communicate each other and to consult teachers regarding their study, school life, and future plans. Students also organize and participate in diverse academic activities organized in respective majors, such as language camps, language cafes, and academic societies that are supported and supervised by academic advisors. Occasionally international students on campus from the relevant regions join and communicate with the ALC students. These events enhance students’ understanding of the societies of their major regions.

Graduates of the ALC either go on to further studies in graduate school (either ALC or other related programs), or they seek employment in private or public sectors, such as international organizations, public and private enterprises, media companies, etc. No matter which pathway they choose, most of the students plan to build their career as an expert of the region of their major. Considering increasing importance of Asia and of intercultural relations in a more globalized world, the prospects of ALC graduates, who have good command of languages and deep and balanced understanding of Asian societies, are promising.

List of Professor

Name Major Contact E-mail
Seo, Young-Chae
Modern Korean Novel, Critical Theory 02-880-6041
Hawon Ku
Associate Professor
Art History(Indian/South Asian Art) 02-880-8620
Yeo Woonkyung
Associate Professor
Modern History of Southeast Asia 02-880-8619
Alena Kulinich
Associate Professor
Middle Eastern Studies 02-880-8301
Siavash Saffari
Associate Professor
Political Science 02-880-6281
Saito Ayumi
Assistant Professor
Classical Japanese Literature 02-880-9261
Younjung Oh
Assistant Professor
Japanese Language, Culture 02-880-6423
Suh Jiwon
Associate Professor
Politics, Cultures, Societies in Southeast Asia 02-880-6298