Hispanic Language and Literature

  • Chair : Yim Ho-Joon
  • Location : Bldg 3 / Room 429
  • Tel. : 02-880-6156


There is presently a worldwide recognition of the importance of cultural pluralism, of understanding and appreciating other cultures. In the midst of this global movement, the Department of Hispanic Language and Literature offers students the possibility to come into contact with and learn in depth about the cultures of the Spanish-speaking world.

The department aims to instill in its students an appreciation of Hispanic linguistics and literature. A wide-range of courses are offered, from language courses on conversation and grammar for lower-level undergraduates to more comprehensive courses on linguistics and literature for upper-level undergraduates. Many different types of texts will be used, including novels, short stories, poems, movies, and drama. The curriculum is intended to aid students in understanding the history, politics, religion, literature and culture of Spain as well as the Spanish-speaking countries of Central and South America. The department presents substantive methods of research that enable students to come to a more precise and concrete understanding of Hispanic societies and cultures.

The wide use of Spanish around the world leads to high demand, globally and locally. As a result, graduates of the department have access to an ample variety of careers. This is particularly the case in Korea where the demand is strong for professionals with a proficient command of Spanish as well as strong linguistic abilities. Graduates flourish in a variety of professions, such as diplomacy, journalism, trade, politics, and finance. Many graduates of the department currently work as professional scholars of Hispanic languages and cultures and as businessmen or diplomats residing in Spanish-speaking countries.

List of Professor

Name Major Contact E-mail
Kim Un-Kyung
Spanish linguistics 02-880-6158
Kim Chang-Min
Contemporary Latin American novel 02-880-6160
Kim Hyeon-Kyun
Contemporary Latin American poetry 02-880-6157
Yim Ho-Joon
Contemporary Spanish literature and cinema 02-880-4096
María Claudia Macías
Latin American literary criticism 02-880-8109
Kim Kyung-Bum
Associate Professor
Medieval and Golden Age Spanish literature 02-880-9017
Son, JyEun
Assistant Professor
Spanish Linguistics (phonetics/phonology, intonation) 02-880-6159