French Language and Literature

  • Chair : Kim Young-Uk
  • Location : 5 / Room.326-2
  • Tel. : 02-880-6113, 6114


The Department of French Language and Literature has played a pioneering role in the study of French language, literature and culture in Korea. The department operates a systematic and diverse curriculum that enables students to achieve these goals. General education courses offered by the department include courses in elementary French and general introductions to French literature, culture and society that provide students with a broad knowledge of France as well as the francophone world in general. Majors in French are thoroughly trained in basic grammar, speaking and writing, before moving on to more specialized and advanced courses in French literature and language. Recently the department has actively sought to include Francophone culture and literature in the curriculum, with such course offerings as Readings in Francophone literature and French in a World Perspective.

Students may choose to participate in extracurricular activities within the department, which include the departmental French drama club (Théâtre Fantastique), the literary circle on creative writing and literary criticism (Les Mineurs), various academic associations, study groups and cultural clubs. Annual symposiums are held where they present their academic work. As a founding member of the annual Foreign Language Theater Festival, the department stages its latest effort in French-language drama.

Careers chosen by the graduates differ greatly, with some continuing their studies in graduate school, while others seek employment in diverse areas, for example, journalism and broadcasting, business and government agencies.

List of Professor

Name Major Contact E-mail
Kim Jeong-Hee
French culture and medieval French literature 02-880-6116
Yu Ho-Shik
20th century French novel and autobiography 02-880-8906
Shin Eun-Young
French literature 17th century French Classicism 02-880-6124
Lee Seong-Heon
French linguistics_French syntax and semantics 02-880-6119
Lee Young-Mock
French literature_18th century French Enlightenment 02-880-6117
Chung Ye-Young
French literature 19th century French novel 02-880-6122
Kim Younguk
Assistant Professor
French literature 18th century literature and philosophy 02-880-6126
Kang Cho-Rong
Assistant Professor
French literature 20th century literature 02-880-6127
Assistant Professor
French Linguistics(Semantics) 02-880-6123