Institute of Philosophical Research

Institute of Philosophy

  • Chair : Kang Sung-Hoon
  • Location : bldg.6 / Room.403
  • Tel : 02-880-6223
Institute of Philosophical Research
The Institute of Philosophical Research carries out research on the philosophical thought of the East and the West, serving as the philosophical storehouse for a new civilization. It also seeks to contribute to the fostering of logical, philosophical knowledge and thought on the part of the general populace.

Main Areas of Research
Studies of Eastern and Western philosophical thought and their pertinence for the modern age
The creation of a new philosophy based on the synthesis of Eastern and Western philosophies
Studies of methodologies of various disciplines
The characteristics and problems of modern civilization and the paradigm for a new civilization
Research and work for the advancement of philosophical education (logic, ethics)
Research into the foundation of humanities
Compilation of the Encyclopedia of Philosophy (Korean)
Translation (with commentaries) of Western classics
Translation (with commentaries) of Eastern classics, and basic research on the authenticity of original text versions
Preliminary project to examine the possibility of a universal philosophy based on the synthesis of Eastern and Western thoughts
Research into the creation of an electronic cultural atlas for the information age in the 21st century.

Principal Activities
Colloquia with distinguished scholars from within Korea and abroad
The compilation of the Research Sourcebook for Korean Philosophical Thought (1997-1999)
Project to evaluate the introduction of western philosophy and thought into Korea (1996-1998)
The development of logical game software in tandem with the Institute for Cognitive Science (1998-1999)
The Tradition of Korean Buddhism and Its Modern Task: Evaluations and Suggestions (1999-1999)
Translation with commentaries of a sourcebook of Korean philosophical writings (2000-2002)
Research on the Systematic Analysis of Classical Texts of Philosophy and A Construction of Digital Knowledge Map of Philosophy, based on Topic Maps (2002-2006)
The journal Chulhak Sasang (Philosophical Thought) published four times a year