Kim Bomin사진
Kim Bomin
16-17th century English literature
  • 성명 Kim Bomin
  • 직위 Associate Professor
  • 학과 English Language and Literature
  • 전공 16-17th century English literature
  • 사무실
  • 홈페이지
  • 이메일
  • 연락처 82-2-880-6101



Early Modern English Literature


  • Ph.D., English Language and Literature, New York University, 2013.
  • M.A., English Language and Literature, Seoul National University, 1998.
  • B.A., English Language and Literature, Seoul National University, 1996..

Professional Experience

  • Appointed at Seoul National University, 2014



  • “After the pure manner of Amsterdam”: Baptism in the post-Reformation Church of England and Thomas Middleton’s A Chaste Maid in Cheapside, 『중세근세영문학』 28-1 (2018), pp. 107-130.
  • 1604년 반주술/마술법령과 극장, 『밀턴과 근세영문학』 27-1 (2017), pp. 1-29.
  • 『평화의 개선행진』에 나타난 궁정 가면극(masque)의 물질문화와 연극성(theatricality), 『밀턴과 근세영문학』 25-2 (2015), pp. 47-68.
  • The Karma of Power: The “Both Sides” of Machiavellian Exemplarity in The Prince and the Paradox of Agambenian Sovereignty, 『인문논총』 71-2 (2014), pp. 357-85.
  • The Fates of the Poetics of Epic in the Age of Leviathan: Davenant's Preface to Gondibert, and Thomas Hobbes's Answer to the Preface, 『밀턴과 근세영문학』 23-2 (2013), pp. 303-25.
  • “Making Time their king”: The Christmas Culture and Politics of the Early Modern Inns of Court in Thomas Middleton's Masque of Heroes, 『중세르네상스 영문학』 20-2 (2012), pp. 265-293.


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