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Nancy Jiwon Cho
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여류 작가 문학, 찬송가학, 시(詩)와 시인, 종교와 신학 문학, 자전문학, 18-19세기 문학, 영국문학


  • 더럼대학(Durham University) 영어영문학과 박사(2007)
  • 킹스 칼리지 런던(King's College London) 영어영문학과 문학석사(2001)
  • 로열 할러웨이 런던대학교(Royal Holloway, University of London) 영어영문학과 문학사(1999)


  • 본교 부임 2012
  • 서울대학교 영어영문학과 초빙교수(2010-2012)
  • 노팅엄 트렌트 대학(Nottingham Trent University) 연구교수(2008-2010)
  • 더럼대학 강사(2004-2008)



  • Co-authored with Matthew Niblett
    ‘Daughters of Eve: The Autobiographical Hermeneutics of two Romantic-era English Prophetesses, Dorothy Gott c.1748-1812) and Joanna Southcott (1750-1814)’, Romanticism, 22 (2016), pp. 107-21.
  • ‘Extending Moral and Religious Verse for Children from Puritan Adults’ Warnings to Romantic Children’s Insights: Ann and Jane Taylor’s Pedagogic Achievements in Hymns for Infant Minds (1810)’, Feminist Studies in English Literature, 23 (2015), 5-42.
  • ‘Dorothy Gott (c.1748-1812) and God’s Chosen People: A Disowned Prophet’s Quest for Quaker Recognition in Late-Georgian England’ in Quaker Studies, 18 (2013), pp. 50-75.
  • 33 entries for the Canterbury Dictionary of Hymnology ( including John Ash, Caleb Evans, Susanna Harrison, Ann and Jane Taylor, Charlotte Elliott, The Invalid’s Hymnbook, Dora Greenwell, Sybil Farish Partridge, Alexander Carmichael, ‘Michael Field’, Ellen Lakshmi Goreh, Mary Shackelton, Adelaide Ann Procter, Amy Carmichael, Graham Kendrick, Brian Foley, Estelle White, and Margaret Rizza.
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  • ‘Rise, and Take the Gospel Message […] Far away to India’s Daughters’: The Bicultural Christian Poetics of Ellen Lakshmi Goreh (1853-1937), a Victorian-Era British Asian Transracial Adoptee’ in Asian Women, 27 (2011), 1-31.
  • ‘“Martyrs of England! Standing on High!”: Roman Catholic Women’s Hymn-writing for the Re-invigoration of the Faith in England, 1850-1903’ in Gender, Spirituality and Catholicism in Europe: Women and the Roman Catholic Church in Britain and Europe, 1200-1900, ed. by Laurence Lux-Stennitt and Carmen Mangion (Houndmills: Palgrave Macmillan, 2010), pp. 131-48. 
  • Co-authored with David Worrall
    ‘William Blake’s Meeting with Dorothy Gott: The Female Origins of Blake’s Prophetic Mode’, Romanticism, 16 (2010), 60-71  
  • ‘“Songs in the Night”. By A Young Woman Under Heavy Affliction: The Liminal Spiritual Identity of Susanna Harrison (1752-1784)’ in Spiritual Identities: Literature and the Post Secular Imagination, ed. by Arthur Bradley, Jo Carruthers, and Andrew Tate (Bern: Peter Lang, 2010), pp. 30-47.
  • ‘Prophylactic, Anti-Paedophile Hymn-Writing in Colonial India: An Introduction to Amy Carmichael (1867-1951) and her Missionary Writings’. Modern Language Review, 104 (2009),   353-74.
  • ‘Gender and Authority in British Women Hymn-Writers’ Use of Metre, 1760-1900’, Literature Compass, 6 (2009), 540-48.
  • Co-authored with J. R. Watson
    ‘Anne Steele’s Drowned Fiancé’ in British Journal of Eighteenth-Century Studies, 28 (2005), pp. 117-21.



  • 고급영어(2012 봄학기)


  • 17·18세기 영시(2012 가을학기, 2014 봄학기)
  • 영작문(2012 가을학기. 2014 봄학기)
  • 영문학특강(2012 봄학기)
  • 영국시2(2011 가을학기)
  • 영문학개관2(2010 가을학기)


  • 19세기 영국문학(2014 가을학기)
  • 19세기 영국시(2011 봄학기)
  • 대학원논문연구(2014)


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