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From the remote past, theater has been an effective tool for interpreting human beings and the world. Theater constituted an important cultural act and social phenomenon. The study of theater today encompasses a wide range of subject matter from the disciplines of literature, philosophy, aesthetics, sociology, cultural anthropology, religious studies, linguistics and art. All kinds of theatrical performances now proliferate, including theatrical plays, movies, television dramas, video dramas, radio dramas and commercials. This demand for theater is bound to increase explosively in the 21st century, with higher demands for leisure and the accoutrements of high culture. Rather than focusing on the practical performance side of theater, the Program in Performing Arts takes as its main area of research the theoretical study of dramatic form and the history of theater, but retains an interdisciplinary outlook. The program offers such courses in the history of eastern and western dramatic theory, traditional Korean theater, modern Korean theater, performing arts theories, the sociology and psychology of the performing arts, and comparative studies in the performing arts.


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