College of Humanities Weekly Notice - 05/12/2017
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College of Humanities Weekly Notice - May 12th, 2017


1. The student occupation of the Administration Building has begun again last week. On May 3rd 1AM and May 5th 1PM, students attempted to enter the President’s office by trying to secure a passage using power tools. Consequently, the Division of Maintenance of the Headquarters had to shut off the electricity supply of Buildings 1 and 2. We have received a message of apology on being unable to properly inform our faculty members and students about the matter, since the incident that had happened so abruptly.

2. Last week, the landscaping-related student club ‘Pium(blossoms)’ and our faculty member gardening and planting club ‘Hwaryugye’ collaborated on planting the flowers donated to Hantaek Botanical Garden in front of CTL, and by the hill behind Building 14. The ‘Seoul National University Forest’ also sent us supporting manpower, so now we are able to enjoy the blooming spring at the College of Humanities. We thank everyone who has been involved in this event.

3. A beautiful pine tree of unique shape has been planted in front of Building 14. The tree has been donated by the ‘Seoul National University Forest’, and while the cost of replanting a fine tree is considerable, Kim Chang-Min, professor of the Department of Hispanic Language and Literature and also the President of ‘Hwaryugye’, payed for this replanting. We hope that the pine tree becomes well rooted.

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Associate Dean for Planning Jung, Byung-Sul




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