College of Humanities Weekly Notice - 03/16/2017
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College of Humanities Weekly Notice - March 16th, 2017

1. The winter season heating system has ended operation from this Wednesday (March 15th). Please keep warm and take care of your health.

2. The unmanned security system installation is underway in the College of Humanities. Opening/closing devices, detectors, and communication devices are being installed on the entrance doors of labs and offices. Some are worried that the system may be used to monitor the work hours of professors. However, the existing security system can be operated separately from the new devices, so you do not need to worry.

3. The painting and repairing of College of Humanities outdoor benches will be carried out this week. It may be a little uncomfortable until the paint is dry, but please bear with us for a little while.

4. For the first time this semester, the ‘Excellence in Teaching Award’ will be rewarded to non tenure-track lecturers of the Humanities. We are planning to select more or less than 10 recipients. We are looking forward to recommendations by our faculty members.


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Associate Dean for Planning Jung, Byung-Sul



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