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The educational aim of the Department of Western History is to delve into the history of western civilization and its import for world history, and to seek an autonomous understanding of western cultures and their relationship with those of East Asia, especially Korea. The curriculum covers selected topics in western history from different time periods and regions and examines important issues in the history of western civilization. Students are given training in theoretical tools and methodologies for studying history, which are then applied to the study of the connections between Western, Asian and Korean history.

Many resources are at the disposition of the students, including the departmental student room, the administrative assistant's office, the western history library, and a combined resource and data center. The student room is the hub for student activities in the department, and students gather there for class preparation and socializing. In the administrative assistant's office students have access to computers and are able to buy or photocopy materials for class. The department runs its own library independently, and majoring students are free to browse in it and to borrow books and other materials. The resource and data center is run in cooperation with the departments of Korean history and Asian history, and students from the department often come here to study due to the shortage of seating in the main university library. The department also undertakes regular field trips in the spring and the fall that enable faculty, undergraduate and graduate students to socialize freely and to experience the locations of historical events firsthand.

Graduates go on to become professional academics in the field of western history, and many also work in the government, journalism, business, and international organizations. Many serve as diplomats, putting the historical insight gained in college to good use.


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