Building #2, Room 411  |  Tel. +82-2-880-6109

Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies

The primary goal of the Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies is to foster greater research and understanding of the overall history and culture of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. On a secondary level, the center also aims to conduct comparative research on Eastern and Western civilizations during this period. In order to do this, the center researches the original classical literary, historical, and philosophical texts of the Middle Ages and Renaissance; holds various academic seminars, lectures, conferences; and circulates publications. Furthermore, the center hopes to contribute to the cultivation of future scholars by expanding the base of available undergraduate and liberal arts courses for students aiming at a career in the fields of Classical literature, history, philosophy, law, and religious studies.

Principal Activities

  • Research activities: conferences, symposiums
  • Publications: Publications of research activities, collection of domestic and international dissertations, publications of translated works
  • Academic exchange: Exchange agreement established with Arizona State University's ACMRS (Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies)


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