Interdisciplinary Program in Performing Arts
Course Code Course Name
135.501 * History of Performing Arts Theories in Asian
135.502 * History of Performing Arts Theories in Europe
135.503 Studies in Korean Traditional Theatrical Arts
135.504 Studies in Modern Korean Theatre
135.505 Aesthetics of Performing Arts
135.506 * Seminar Performing Arts
135.507 Psychological Studies in Performing Arts
135.508 Sociological Studies in Performing Arts
135.509 * Special Studies in Modern Performing Arts
135.510 * Comparative Studies in Performing Arts
135.601 Studies in Educational Drama
135.602 Studies in Media Performing Arts
135.603 Performing Arts Criticism
135.604A Theories of Playwriting
135.605 Theories of Production
135.606 Theories of Acting
135.607 Theories of Stage and Design and Directing Techniques
135.608 Theories of Theatre Space
135.609 Studies in Music Dramas
135.610 Studies in Dance Theatre
135.803 Dissertation Research


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