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Institute of Latin American Studies

Our institute was established in response to the need for greater in-depth research into the region of Latin America, and seeks to provide a new model for regional studies by collecting information and materials in a comprehensive and systematic manner, and by carrying out scholarly research. We also hope to contribute to the development of close ties with Latin American nations by fostering regional experts and strengthening the exchange and cooperation between domestic and international authorities.

Principal Activities

  • Academic Activities:
    • International academic conferences
    • Domestic academic conferences
    • Distinguished scholars lectures (Learning About "Orbis Tertius" From a Distinguished Scholar)
    • Monthly academic presentations
    • Invitational Lectures
  • Services for the general public:
    • Seminar on international development and collaboration
    • Cultural lectures for the general public and professional lectures
  • Fostering Regional Experts:
    • Archives of information on Latin American studies, online services
  • International Development and Collaboration:
    • Joint research projects
    • Joint academic conferences
    • Exchange programs for research-related human resources
    • Korean film festivals touring Latin America
  • Journal: Revista Iberoamericana (established in 1990, biannual publication)
  • Webzine: TransLatin (established March, 2008, published every other month)
  • Translations: TransLatin Series, Latin American region research series, Latin America academic masterpiece translation series


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