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The aim of the Department of Korean History is to provide students with well-grounded knowledge of Korean history and culture, so that they may acquire an undistorted historical consciousness regarding the past history of Korea and a balanced insight into Korea's future. A wide range of courses are offered by the department, including lectures and seminars on the various historical periods and others on the history of specific subjects. The courses on the historical periods help students build up overall interpretive skills in analyzing the history of particular time periods, and the courses on specific topics enable them to gain professional knowledge in various fields. As a result, students are taught a comprehensive and systemic approach to the study of history. In meeting the rising demand for experts on Korean history both within and outside of Korea, the department puts much effort into training professional historians, and also into developing the resource of the Kyujanggak Archives (former royal archives now housed on campus at Seoul National University), where many precious documents on Korean history are kept.

Students engage in diverse extra-curricular activities. Through active participation in the departmental student association, students are presented with opportunities to engage in autonomous decision-making within the framework of college life. By participating in various academic study groups and forums, students are able to instill in themselves a sense of history that enables them to examine historical and social issues more thoroughly. Students also develop a love for the Korean land and people through two academic field trips each year (spring and autumn). Many students are also actively involved in various student clubs.

Graduates are found in all works of life, but are especially prominent in academia. Graduates of the department occupy leading positions in the field of Korean history, with over 60 graduates serving as college faculty (over 100 if one takes into account graduates of the previous Department of History of the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences). Other popular career choices have been journalism and publishing. Many graduates are active in major radio and television broadcasting corporations, newspapers, magazines and publishing houses. Due to their background in the humanities, graduates are also welcome in educational and business circles.


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