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Institute of Historical Research

The Institute of Historical Research was established to meet the new demands of the academic field of world history. Ever since the History Department at SNU was divided into the departments of Korean History, Eastern History, and Western History in 1969, the university has made great strides in the accrual of specialized knowledge. However, this system has had its shortcomings, and in order to deal with those shortcomings, professors at SNU specializing in history and other related disciplines requested the establishment of a research institute able to accommodate new academic trends in history. The Institute of Historical Research was established in March, 2003. The institute comprises the offices of the head of the institute, administration, steering committee, and three research departments ? world history, comparative history, and education and research. 60 professors from 10 colleges (including the School of Medicine) and 20 departments serve as researchers. The institute seeks to renew and replenish interest in recent trends in world history while honing in on the modernity of Asia. In particular, the institute focuses on research on the particularities of Asian modernity and the traditions that give rise to and bolster such modern trends. In order to do so, the institute holds alternating annual national and international academic conferences as well as seminars, colloquia, and liberal arts lectures. The institute has also published a Dictionary of Historical Terms and established the Segwang Fellowship Program, which provides one post-doctorate trainee with a living and research stipend, as well as the Beomyang Fellowship Program, which provides a doctoral candidate in the field of ancient Korean history with a research stipend.


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