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The Department of French Language and Literature has played a pioneering role in the study of French language and culture in Korea. The department operates a systematic and diverse curriculum that enables students to achieve these goals. General education courses offered by the department include courses in elementary French and general introductions to French literature and society that provide students with a broad knowledge of France. Majors in French are at first required to train themselves in basic grammar, speaking and writing, before moving on to more specialized and advanced courses in French literature and language. Recently the department has actively sought to include Francophone culture and literature in the curriculum.

Students may choose to participate in extracurricular activities within the department, which include: the departmental French drama club (Théâtre Fantastique), internet clubs, academic associations on subjects in the humanities and the social sciences, study groups, literary circles for writing and literary criticism (Les Mineurs), and other clubs for music, film and sports. Numerous symposiums are held for academic presentations. On such occasions as the "French Department Night," there are readings of original poetry and the staging of original plays and songs.

Careers chosen by the graduates differ greatly, some graduates continuing with their studies in graduate school, and others seeking employment in journalism, major business firms, banks and government agencies. Graduates who complete advanced level studies in graduate school work as faculty members at universities around the country, and as journalists at various newspapers and magazines. Numerous graduates also serve as civil servants after taking national examinations.



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