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Institute of Central Eurasian Studies

The Institute of Central Eurasian Studies is a brand new addition, established only in summer 2007. It aims at promoting research and education in diverse fields of Central Eurasian studies such as history, religion, geography, linguistics, and social sciences. The areas of interest cover Mongolia, Manchuria, Xinjiang, Tibet, CIS states, Iran, Turkey, Afghanistan, and North India, which has been a huge void in Korean academia. The institute aims at examining these areas in the widest scopes and contexts. It encourages interdisciplinary and interregional exchanges and approaches, and hopes to be a center of communication among various institutes of regional studies. Its main purpose is to provide an arena of comprehensive regional studies research combining the depth of humanistic learning.

Principal Activities

  • Journal: Journal of Central Eurasian Studies
  • Monthly colloquia
  • International conferences
  • Publication series planned


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