Building #2, Room 308-1  |  Tel. +82-2-880-6083

Center for English Languages and Cultures

The Center for English Languages and Cultures has as its objective the study of the politics, economics, society, education and culture of English-speaking countries. In the long run, the center plans to develop into a multi-purpose research institute that offers an interdisciplinary outlook on the humanities. With this goal in mind, the center is engaged in devising liberal arts courses for non-majors, and in developing the existing curriculum of individual departments to fit the needs of an interdisciplinary approach to teaching regional studies centered on the humanities. The Center is also concerned with conducting research on topics often overlooked by regional studies institutes affiliated with individual academic disciplines, such as diverse cultural patterns and ordinary lifestyles studied from a cultural anthropological viewpoint. The results of these research and educational endeavors are being published in separate book form, in periodicals and in transitions

Principal Activities

  • Regular colloquia for graduate students
  • Guest lectures
  • Translation projects
  • International conferences


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