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Seoul National University established a graduate program in Comparative Literature in 1998 in response to a growing interest in interdisciplinary studies both in and outside of Korea. The field of comparative literature as originally conceived in France and the U.S. stood for a new internationalism in literary studies: for a broader understanding of literature reaching beyond national boundaries and for more cooperative work within the humanities. The Interdisciplinary Program in Comparative Literature at Seoul National University reflects these original aims but also responds to newer demands within the field to include the comparative study of literature and other media (for instance, television, film, and visual art). Core course offerings include courses on literary theory, narrative theory, gender theory and film; literature and psychoanalysis; and cultural studies. Students are encouraged to take graduate courses offered by other humanities departments. Graduates of the M.A. program either elect to pursue a Ph.D. in the field or search for jobs in broadcasting, the film industry, and publishing.


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