Interdisciplinary Programs
Course Code Course Name
132.502 * Methodology in Cognitive Science
132.504 * Seminar in Cognitive Science 1
132.505 Issues in Cognitive Science
132.510 Studies in Philosophy of Logic and Cognitive Science
132.511 Studies in Philosophy of Science and Cognitive Science
132.520 Syntactic and Semantic Structure and Cognition
132.521 Language Acquisition
132.53 Studies in Information Processing
132.531 Modeling of Cognitive Processes
132.540 * Studies in Neuroscience and Brain 1
132.541 Seminar in Cognitive Neuroscience
132.550 Studies in Knowledge Representation and Reasoning Process
132.551 Computational Models of Intelligence
132.56 Studies in Natural Language Processing
132.600 * Seminar in Cognitive Science 2
132.601 * Seminar in Application of Cognitive Science
132.611 Studies in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
132.620 Language Structure and Cognition
132.630 Seminar in Cognitive Psychology
132.631 * Seminar in Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis
132.640 Studies in Neuroscience and Brain 2
132.641 Studies in Cognitive Dysfunction
132.642 Experiments in Functional Neuroimaging
132.650 Studies in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Process
132.803 Reading and Research


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