Chinese Language and Literature Graduate
Course Code Course Name
102.615 Studies in Chinese Poetry
102.617 Studies in Chinese Drama
102.618 Studies in Chinese Prose
102.619A* Seminar in Theories of Literature in Pre-Modern China
102.623 Studies in Confucian Classics
102.643* Seminar in History of Chinese Literature
102.646* Seminar in Modern Chinese Literature
102.647* Seminar in Chinese Linguistics
102.648A Studies in Chinese Ci Poetry & Sanqu Literature
102.653A* Studies in Chinese Ci Poetry & Sanqu Literature
102.655A* Seminar in Chinese Grammar
102.656 Studies in Chinese Phonological Theories
102.657 Studies in Chinese Characters
102.660 Studies in Philosophy of Hundred Schools
102.661 Studies in Chinese Semantics
102.664 Studies in Classical Chinese Grammar
102.665A* Seminar in Chinese Philology
102.667* Seminar in Chinese Traditional Novel
102.670* Seminar in Classical Chinese Literature
102.671 Studies in the Oral Performance Arts of China
102.672 Studies in Chinese Traditional Novel
102.673 Studies in Chuci & Hanfu Literature
102.674 Studies onTexts of Pre-Qin Period
102.675 Studies on Literatures of Han -Six Dynasties Period
102.676 Studies on Literaturesof Tang Song Dynasties Period
102.677 Studies on Literatures of Yuan Ming Qing Dynasty
102.678 Studies onLiteratures in Modern China
102.679 Studies on Literatures in Contemporary China
102.680 Studies in Modern Chinese Grammar
102.681 Studies in Intercommunication of Literature between China & Korea
102.682* Seminar in Research Methodology of Chinese Literature
102.683* Seminar in Research Methodology of Chinese Linguistics
102.684* Seminar in Educational Methodology of Chinese Language
102.685* Topics on Chinese Texts
102.686* Culture, Knowledge and Textsin Ancient China
102.687* Archetype of Chinese Culture and its Transformation
102.688* Social Mechanism of Chinese Literary Tradition
102.689 Chinese Language and the Way of Thinking
102.690 Historical Change of Chinese Language


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